Monday, February 15, 2016

With a Little Help From My Friends

I attended an auction on Saturday that had so many wonderful pieces of antique furniture.  I had 2 pieces that I was specifically interested in for myself.  That was really all I was going for.  So, I told myself if I walked away with anything else, it would just be a bonus.

The first bonus: 45 pieces of Fire King jadeite.  I sold 2 immediately to another auction attendee for a nice profit.  These will take some major cleaning, as several pieces have calcium build up.  I have had good luck using LimeAway and CLR in the past, so I will give that a go this week.

Here's the first piece I went for.  It is estimated to be from the mid to late 1800s.  It just needs a new castor on the right front.  I should have one somewhere!  This will be my husbands "new" dresser after I clean it out with Murphy's Oil Soap and possibly line the drawers.  I love the dings and dents on this piece and the only think I'll do to finish it will be to replace the pulls, since one has damage.

This is my new early 1900s serpentine front dresser.  The knobs aren't original, which is okay, but the original knobs were larger with 2 drilled holes in the front of each drawer.  Whoever refinished this dresser didn't cover up those holes very well.  So... I'm going to eventually sand this down, fill the holes, re-stain in my favorite stain, and replace the pulls.

My truck was not big enough to haul both of these pieces, so luckily one of my wonderful auction buddies (shout out to the awesome Kellie) helped me haul one home.  Sometimes you can't reach your full junkin' potential without a little help from your friends.

I bought some more stuff, but forgot to get pictures of it before bringing them to my booth... so will try to point them out in the pictures below.  

Mom and I spent the time during yesterday's afternoon snowstorm working on my booth.  I figured the mall would be dead, but I actually had my best day of the month so far.  Valentine's Day antique shopping?  Yes, please.

So, here's what my booth looks like as of yesterday!

Coming in from the left side.

On top of the crates sits a blue splatter enamelware pan.  One of the buys from Saturday.

 I purchased both of the railroad lanterns Saturday too!  They're sitting in a crate on top of the green cabinet below.

The pink Glasbake Honey Whip jar with lid on the top shelf of this cabinet was a purchase from a flea market near the auction.

I totally forgot I bought these child's chairs during my annual yard sale-ing along the Covered Bridge Festival route.  They somehow didn't make it into any pictures on the blog.  But they did end up on Instagram HERE and HERE.

 I didn't get a very good picture of it - but the chip clip display I picked up a couple months ago at an auction to display postcards.  I love how it looks!  I've gotta find a better place for it.

New stuff here: a milk glass cake plate on the 2nd shelf from the bottom.  Also: the bright red coke crate on bottom shelf.

New piece: red Glasbake Honey Whip jar with lid on the very left shelf on the 2nd shelf from the top (below all the West Virginia Blendo glasses).

 Now let's look across the "front porch" of my booth!

I got all of these pieces at the auction Saturday!  Can you imagine some German immigrant who brought them to the states with them and they lasted all this time?

Still loving my display case SO MUCH.

Around the corner...

to peek at the back side!


 Another blue splatter enamelware piece to the very right.  I also got 2 blue splatter enamelware cake pans/plates.  Not sure where my mom found space for them.

And that's it!

What do you see here that you like?


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  1. Wow! So much great stuff! I love those dressers you got, beautiful! And your space looks great!


  2. So many goodies - I just love your booth.

  3. So much eye candy! Love your new furniture, & yup, that's what friends are for! :)

  4. Your mall space is just amazing. I wish I could shop there. I can't even imagine having that much room!

  5. What a great looking booth! I would definitely be able to spend some time in there!

  6. The jadeite! Great find--the bowls are harder to come by in my area!


  7. Thanks for letting us go window shopping through your booth
    that was fun

  8. I want to shop your booth! I see so many goodies. I am very envious of the Jadeite. I have never found more than a piece at a time. I also love the dressers!

    xo Dianne

  9. I just want to plunder through everything. Love those dressers.

  10. The dresser is great, but that collection of jadeite is fabulous. I do not own a single piece. The only time I saw a display of great pieces for sale was on a vacation and I had no space to bring anything home. I need to go out hunting.

    Seeing your booth made me realize how much effort it is to have a booth. One of my favorite shops in town has booths by several different people. I never thought about the time it takes to restock and keep the booth fresh. Kudos to you!

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  11. Wow! Your booth is completely amazing. I could browse there for a long, long time. I love the jadeite. We had that in our family's summer place growing up. Sure hope there is some of it still around somewhere. And the Honey Whip jars -- haven't seen those in years and didn't realize they were collectible. My grandmother often bought Honey Whip, but I'd forgotten all about it until now.

  12. LOVE what you bought! Your booths look great, too!

  13. There are so many great finds in your shop! Love all the Pyrex :)

  14. Your booth always looks so well organized! What a score on the box of Jadeite, I love it! Thanks, Melissa, for sharing at Talk of the Town.

  15. I like EVERYTHING, Melissa! Your booth is looking awesome, as usual. You've got the touch :) Love the two dressers you picked up for you and your husband--nice picks. Hope you have a great week-end and thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm this week!

  16. Loving that Jadeite. You have a fantastic booth! sb

  17. I love all the color in your booth! Especially the bright yellow all grouped together. Found you via Joy @ A Vintage Green.

  18. Melissa,
    you got some great stuff at the auction! What a treasure trove of Jadite! I started collecting it years ago when it was very inexpensive, thank goodness! I hardly ever see it anymore, I would have loved to score your find! Your booth is amazing, so much good stuff!
    PS. visiting from Jann's party

  19. I love the jadeite and the cheats of drawers. It looks to be in good shape..and it's so nice to hear you say you're not going to paint it!
    Lovely treasures!
    Helen H

    1. Ok, I obviously meant Chest of Drawers! Not cheats, lol!!


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