Monday, April 11, 2016

One Spectacular Estate Sale

In Indiana we don't really do estate sales.  Auctions are really the go to way to get rid of a loved ones unwanted items.  However, we have been having more and more estate sales pop up in Indianapolis, as new estate companies have opened for business.  This past Saturday and Sunday there was a living estate sale for a woman who had lived in the same home since she got married.  She and her husband never threw anything away.  So she had collected a lot of stuff.

I got there 45 minutes before it started and was #16.  Wish I had arrived earlier.  I missed out on some GREAT junk.

 I shared a "trunk shot" sneak peek on Instagram after I had it all hauled in.

 When I got home after 2 1/2 hours of digging at the sale, I also shared my 2 bags of smalls on Instagram.  I had to get to the day job, since I had taken the morning off for this sale.

 I scored this mint condition Costco stool for $8.  It still has the original paper tag and Costco label on it.  It's already in my kitchen.  Won't be parting with it!  This shelf was $3 and will fit perfectly on the concrete ledge in my new southside booth.

From the preview above, I'm sure you were able to make this out!  A lovely paint splattered 20ft ladder!  I've cut it into 4 manageable  pieces of 5ft each.  I've already got some in my northside booth.

My favorite buy from the estate sale!  they were boxes that held 2 5gal containers of cooking oil.  In all honesty, I only saw the "oil" and got excited, because this sale had a lot of

 Here's a close up of the boxes.  I've been debating if I should distress it a little with a sanding sponge to help the words stand out more?  Or maybe dark wax?  Suggestions appreciated from all you distressers out there!

 At $3-4/each, I'll NEVER turn down a good fruit crate (or dove-tailed jello box!)

 And I'll never turn down a $2 chippy metal tool box or motor oil advertisement!

 As for this awesome blue and orange bucket with bottles in it?  I had to have it.

 A few things I scored from the basement of the sale!

These 3 tins had been cut on one side and used as "drawers" on a shelf.  I thought 25 cents each was a great investment.

 Oh, I died over these cute little vials!  No idea their original use, but these were all unused.  I have done pretty well with selling bottles of all sizes in my booth.  These will be no exception, I'm sure.

 Lots of little pieces I picked up from all corners of the house.

 I think this will be great framed.

 It's been awhile since I've got some vintage Christmas!  I loved these 2 aprons!

 And the embroidery pieces were all hand done by the lady they were having the living estate for. 

 Look at the detail!  I love the top 2 the most.

It has been awhile since I've seen one of these.  It is placed over baked goodies when you're eating outside.  I've seen them most commonly referred to as pie covers.

 A tin of random crafting bits (I was channeling my inner Magpie Ethel), 4 strands of mercury glass beads, and an unused roll of wallpaper from 1964 (the package was marked, since it was delivered via mail).


Either the couple never decided to use this pattern or they had since redone the wall(s) which it was on and this was just a leftover.  I searched high and low in the house for more, but this was all I came up with.

 Here's what was in the tin.  I think it yielded some pretty neat stuff.

 I saved the cowgirl boot key chain.  It is now on my keys to The Beast.

That was it for Day 1 of the awesome estate sale.  But, Day 2 was 65% off.  Not 50%... 65%.  Now, the prices were SO GOOD on Day 1, you would've swore they were the 50% or 65% off prices.  Now, when I left after 2 1/2 hours of digging, the house seemed pretty empty to me.  

But, I thought I'd try my luck again at Day 2.  You just never know.  I got there early enough for Day 2, that I was #2 in line to get in.  And it SNOWED during that wait.  Thank goodness for the numbers so I didn't have to stand in line for too long.

Wouldn't you know it, I found more stuff on 65% off day... like this old army cot and this little white cabinet with pencil sharpener!

A pennant for an Indiana college.

A 1948 religious calendar.  All the months still intact.

 Some military and boy scout stuff.

 3 boy scout canteens.

2 crock jugs from the 20th anniversary of Ransburg Scout Reservation.  That makes these jugs 30 years old and Ransburg turns 50 this year!

 A few miscellaneous things.

 Some awesome pins and little elephant charms!

 This set of 3 images are actually iron-on transfers/decals -- I did a mirror image of each of these, so you could tell what the images would look like after they were transferred onto fabric.  They were for the town of Zionsville (where the estate sale took place).  There were probably 25+ sheets of each kind.  I haven't tried to iron any yet, but I will this week.

Of course I found more Christmas stuff.

Never used Santa head gummed labels in the original package.  Heck yes!

I also found some more mercury glass beads, but apparently forgot to take a picture of them.

That's all for Day 2.  After the estate sale ended my mom and I took several items up to my northside booth.  We also took a few items out to take down to my southside booth.

Sunday, we attended a farm auction.  Man oh man were the prices high.  However, this was my first buy... 10 sheets of tin ceiling tile panels.  I have some projects in mind for these.

I bought more things, but it started raining towards the end of the auction, so I couldn't snap any pictures of the rest of the stuff.  I'll be back later this week for another post with my buys from that auction.

What did you guys buy this weekend?

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  1. Glad you could channel me and that does look like a good estate sale! I love that blue and orange tin and would have snapped that up too.

  2. Okay, I would be totally green with envy after looking at all the treasures. Love the wooden boxes and crates. How do you manage to keep all your purchases together during a sale? Around here most estate agents allow large bags inside to collect items. Some allow you to start piles near check out. Slight sanding around the letters will make them stand out.

  3. Whoa, you go girl...what a haul...thanks for sharing, Sandi

  4. Great stuff, Melissa. I love the crates, and the ladders, but that Costco stool makes me totally happy. I didn't buy anything this week, but when I went to the booth, had plans to take out a chair I was going to put in an upcoming yard sale. Guess what? It sold - yay!

  5. The Costco stool is great and I love the little cowgirl boot. :)

  6. Melissa, I couldn't decide on a favorite as I love it all!!!! That was an awesome sale. You scored big.

    xo Dianne

  7. You may need to open a 3rd booth! I have that exact same Costco stool. I found it an a church rummage sale last year for 2 bucks! Smart move to keep it :-)

  8. This will give the shoppers lots of choices!

  9. You really got some good items. And I bet you had a lot of fun shopping as well. I really liked the aprons, since we don't use them anymore it makes them unique.

  10. That sanitizer bucket is too cool! Here's to more estate sales in your future!

  11. Nice finds! I just love the Christmas aprons. I always go around a sale at least 2 times and always find more stuff. Occasionally I will go back a second day.

  12. Great buys, and looks like you found lots of diverse stuff. That Costco stool reigns! Love the sweet embroidered pieces slso. You're gonna fill your new space with some really cool stuff.

  13. Fabulous finds for sure, we are all about estate sales now here in Columbia mo
    I use to attend auctions and they are a thing of the past here
    some of our estates sales are just junk, not good junk like you found LOL
    Then we have high end big money estate sales

  14. The ladders and boxes are my favorites, but I would have bought it all. Thanks for sharing your haul with Talk of the Town.

  15. Oh, my goodness!

    You made quite a haul that day.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  16. Wow, you really made a haul! I love that sanitizer bucket and the ceiling tiles. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. Just when I think you've outdone yourself, you outdo yourself again!! Really. What an awesome load of stuff--the crates, the galvanized lantern, the glass vials, the aprons, the Santa stickers. Nice haul. Thanks for sharing it at Vintage Charm, Melissa :)


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