Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to Plan Your Trip for the World's Longest Yard Sale

Did you know that we're only 8 days away from the official start of the 127 Yard Sale?  Unofficially?  You can start hunting this coming Sunday (4 days before) and you'll find some people already set up.  This is the time where the people in search of the truly unique items are hunting.

Anyways, so now that we're a lot closer to this sale, I've been getting a lot more questions.  There are a lot of first timers asking for more advice on planning their trip for the 127 sale.  I gave many great tips & tricks last year, but I'll try to expand on the planning portion.

Should I just skip this one?
So, my first tip was to start planning months in advance.  Well, if you're still deciding whether or not to go, my friend Pam over at House of Hawthornes wrote a piece on why you should stay home from the 127 sale.  But, don't worry - there's still time!  I believe you CAN plan for this sale in a week!

Where do I start?
So, you really need to lock down your route.  How many days are you going?  What states do you want to visit?  Do you want to start in Michigan or Alabama?  Do you want to start somewhere close to your home or farthest away?  This year I'm skipping Michigan and starting in Northern Ohio and going as far South as I can get in 4 days.

How far can I get each day?
How do I know where to book a hotel, campsite, etc?  Well, that comes with experience.  I've been doing all different types of yard sale routes for years and years now. Long before the days of this blog.  I've basically got it down to a science.  I usually tell beginners to plan to only be able to make about 50 miles.  Honestly, for the 127 sale, I think that's pushing it for a lot of people.  There are just so many sales.  If you're not stopping at every sale and only ones that appeal to a vintage lover you may be able to make it further.  

Are you a fast walker?  Will you carry enough bags with you, so you don't have to make multiple trips back to your car if you buy a lot at a stop?  Are you going to pull into people's driveways or park on the highway?  *NOTE: I do not recommend pulling into the driveway, if you can avoid it.  It's a time waster.  Manuevering in and out of the driveway around other people doing the same thing and trying to turn back onto the highway where there can be quite a bit of traffic, not to mention people.  It honestly takes me less time to park on the highway, walk up and walk back than driving into the driveway. *  Anyways, just think about all of this and how much time you want to spend yard sale-ing each day.

Where am I going to sleep?
Well, since you waited til the last minute (I'm assuming, since you're reading this)... you're shit out of luck.  Most of the hotels close to the 127 are booked up.  If they're not booked up, their rooms are quite costly.  Even for a shady hotel that usually rents by the hour.  So, where in the world are you going to sleep?  Well, my friend, I hope I can help.  

Do you drive an SUV or van like my Beast?  Sleep in it!  Find a rest stop or a Walmart (just be sure to check to make sure there's no signs that say "no overnight parking").  Are you willing to give up a tiny bit of space?  Try packing a tent, like I did last year, and camp out.  There are so many campgrounds right along 127.  The prices to camp, I've found, range from about $15-30 per night.  The more expensive rates are electric sites, which I like, so I can run a fan and charge my phone.  In fact, one of the campsites I booked this year also has cable tv hook up at each site.  

Plus side of campsites?  You can shower all the yard sale dirt off of you.  Along the lines of campsites, quite a few of them also have cabins with either bunk beds or cots, so all you need is some bedding.  This small primitive cabins can set you back around $40-60 per night.  Honestly, though, it's still cheaper than the shady hotels.  

Is money no object?  Just go stay in a 4 star hotel, quaint B&B, or rent a luxury cabin/condo for the week.  But, how can you beat the view of stepping out of your dewy tent to this sunrise over the lake?

Where is THE BEST junk?
I have had lots of people asking me about where to go.  Look, I've honestly only ever done the Michigan and Ohio portion and takes me a little over 2 days.  Michigan is not at all that it's cracked up to be.  I think since it was the last part to be added to the route, people are still catching on.  Give it a few more years.  If you think I'm wrong, awesome!  I hope you find great stuff in Michigan! More junk for everyone, I say!

So, if you're looking on advice for Ohio, here's what I've got: Start just north of Cincinnati and stop in Bryan (or vise versa).  There are a million and one places to stop.  Here are the great places I can remember (just off the top of my head) from last year...

1. Greenville, Ohio: Darke County Steam Threshers Association  - kind of a mix between fair grounds and camp grounds.  Probably 50ish vendors and lots of carnival food.  Lots and lots of parking.  Easy to get in and out of.

2. Celina, Ohio: North side of Grand Lake St. Mary's in Mercelina Park - 30 or so vendors plus Amish fried pies!  Hit this place in the morning before it gets busy and get the freshest pies.  Mostly street parking along the lake shore.

3. Van Wert, Ohio: Van Wert County Fairgrounds - 100 or so vendors and carnival food.  This place was very busy.  Plenty of parking, but you'll have to walk.

4. Bryan, Ohio: The Big One.  Minimal parking.  Very busy (but photogenic!) place.

What do I pack?  How do I look for the best sales?  
I gave my best advice last year in my 127 tips & tricks!


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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Quickie #5

Oh, you thought I was done showing you finds from the US40 Yard Sale?  Well, I apparently missed some things.  Sewing machine was part of this one that I took apart recently.

Anyways, you're here for another quickie project.  Enter in the ugly purple spinning rack from above.

Add a can of 99 cent Krylon MAXX in Coral Isle. My WalMart regularly puts some colors on clearance, so I always go through and stock up on the fun colors.

Next enter in a 500+ postcard lot I bought recently thanks to fellow postcard lover, Donna.

Then... spend hours upon hours sorting through them and putting them in those little postcard sleeves and pricing them with those little stickers.

And... TA DA!


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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Finds from the Highway 41 Yard Sale

One of the many old barns on my grandparent's property.

Last weekend I decided to give the Highway 41 Yard Sale through Kentucky a try.  It follows highway 41 from the Indiana/Kentucky boarder to the Kentucky/Tennessee border.  It's about 100 miles.  If you add in the alternate part of 41, it adds 50 extra miles.  Luckily for me, my entire family lives pretty close to where it starts at the Indiana/Kentucky border.  My grandma was nice enough to let me stay with her.  I don't get to see her as much as I would like, so it was nice to spend one-on-one time with her.

My grandma and I took a 3.5 mile walk through the country roads on Friday night after we had dinner.  For nearly 80, Grandma and I made great timing.

 The start of the route in Henderson, Kentucky.

 "Odds & Ends" - one of my first stops!

 Only in Kentucky do you see DIME prices.

 My favorite buy from the trip.  I'll be fostering this one for awhile.

 At one of my stops, I saw a sewing machine drawer holder used to hold wine bottles.  I thought it was such a clever idea!

The Beast parked along 41.  I was able to make it all the way to the Kentucky/Tennessee border (100 miles) in about 6 hours.

After a day of junkin', I attended a cousin's country wedding.

Here's my finds from this trip...

At a buck each, I'll never leave an old license plate behind.

50 cents for this Fisher Price record player.  Still works!

A dollar for this picnic basket and ten for this amazing old railroad lantern.

A stack of enamelware from one stop.

How could I possibly resist this adorable metal doll furniture?

At 50 cents each, I'll always pick up a good old book!

Got this all at one stop for 2 bucks!

All these different finds were found at different stops for a dime to 50 cents each.

Got all these new old stock pieces from one vendor.  Gave him my card for when he comes to do a show in Indianapolis, so I can buy more!

Got all of these kitchen tools from one vendor for a song.

These 2 old screen windows were a great deal.
I got a few other little things not pictured here, but nothing substantial.

 That brings me to this long 4th of July weekend...

The hubby and I took our kayaks on a 15 mile trip down a local creek.

Do you like how my Teva sandals match my kayak?  Everything aqua!

 Hubby climbing a big fallen tree.

 There were lots of these little mini waterfalls along the way.

A classic 4th of July: cold beer & sparklers.

Well, thanks for coming to visit my little corner of blogland.  I'm going to TRY and get some new QUICKIES posted this month.  There will be a serious lack of junking, because I need the entire month of July to mentally prepare for THE WORLD'S LONGEST YARD SALE (click for my tips/tricks)!  Guys, I'm super excited for it.  I cannot wait!


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