Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bigger Better Southside Booth

Sunday I packed up some booth stock from my garage and other hidey-holes in my house and took them down to my Southside booth.  I was greeted with a mess.  I decided it was time to organize.

Ahh... much better, no?  You can see everything better.

But, all the extra stuff had to go somewhere.

Welcome to my bigger better southside booth.  Now with more space!  Now, I have a mission for the year's 127 yard sale (I leave tomorrow!)

Just some pretty chippy red shutters that I rescued from the dumpster behind my northside antique mall last night.  Who would throw these beauties away?!


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  1. Bigger, better....more beauties or BUST! It looks great and Hell NO I wouldn't have thrown those red shutters out. Go get 'em at the 127 LYS! Safe travels!

  2. I cannot believe someone ditched those red shutters. Drive safe and buy, buy, buy! And welcome to the "I need another booth" Club.

  3. It all looks absolutely fabulous and your make-over worked wonders :) Well done on rescuing those red shutters! Glad to have met you via the Tuesday Vintage Bliss linky party - Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  4. Love the way your booth looks. Who throws away red shutters like those? Not me! Good save. Can't way to see your finds.

    xo Dianne

  5. Dang but you got a lotta space in that booth! Looks nice. Great find on those shutters. Trash picking rules! Good luck on 127.

  6. Must have felt good to get so organized!


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