Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall and Halloween in the Northside Booth

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Mom and I spent EIGHT hours on Saturday, the third day of fall (it sure didn't feel like it weather wise), completely redoing my Northside booth.  We didn't move any furniture or bring any new stuff in.  We simply wanted to reorganize and rearrange the stuff that was already there.  We wanted old merchandise to look fresh.

The booth needed something.  There hasn't been a major overhaul in probably 6 months.  August and September sales are usually slow.  But, this was my slowest September to date.  So, the booth needed something.  So, I went and bought lots of mini pumpkins and gourds that were on sale at the grocery store, some dollar store fall decor, and (suggested by Donna) I also got 2 warm apple crisp air wicks to plug into my outlets.

I priced my mini pumpkins, because you just never know, and I sold one that day.  I also got SO MANY compliments on the smell of the booth.

So, come with my as I take you on a tour of my completely refreshed fall booth!

I don't have much vintage Halloween, but what I do have is here.  We tried to keep the front in all fall colors/themes.  It's one of my favorite booth looks ever.  

This didn't change much from my last booth update, because we JUST changed it.  

I got these fun fake leaves at the dollar store - 50 for a buck.  How can you beat that?  Taped so many places in the booth using double sided tape.

Also seen here - my mantiques section.  I did not change this up.  Why you ask?  It works.  If you have an antique booth and you don't already have a mantiiques section - create one immediately. Why do I put mine on the outside? I noticed when most men shop with their wives/girlfriends/moms/etc they never entered my booth. Now, they have someplace to stop while the woman they are with shop the inside. I get compliments on it all the time & sell quite a bit from it

Dollar store paper lantern!  Too cute!  They have little LED lights in them powered by AAA batteries.

One of my favorite vintage Halloween decorations.

It's important to have boxes and bowls of stuff for people to dig through.

I don't know about the rest of you re-sellers out there, but I think vintage cameras have had their day.  I've got them more out in the open now, but it only really encourages the kids to play with them, like they love to do with typewriters.

These need an embroidery makeover with some colorful yarn!

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Friday, September 23, 2016

September Southside Booth Update

I've been sharing quite a few updates on my southside booth since I got it in April.  I keep adding more and more little touches.  It really feels like a unique space now.  I get quite a few compliments on it, which makes me very happy!

This cabinet was not pictured well in the update of my latest finds, but it came from the family friend too.

I started adding some touches of Halloween.

I found a stash of old costumes and masks that I picked up nearly 2 years ago.  Time to get them out of my garage!

Thanks for coming along for the tour!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September Northside Booth Update

It's been a long time sine I shared a booth update from my northside booth.  I am coming up on 3 years in this space.  Can you believe it?  Me either.

This is the new shelf I picked up from a family friend recently.

It's hard to get a picture of this, but my dad built this barnwood Hoosier-style cabinet for me.  I'm obsessed with it.  Not for sale.  Going into my future farmhouse, for sure!

Thanks for visiting!
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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