Friday, October 21, 2016

Spare Bath Reveal

I've started working on cleaning up each room and making it worthy of putting our house on the market.  Hopefully this coming spring/summer we will finally find the perfect house for us.

So, I undertook a huge project and redid our entire spare bathroom!

See how to make these awesome industrial shelves here!

This vanity used to be a builder grade oak vanity.  It looks much better in the same white color as the trim/doors in my house.  I replaced the counter about 7 years ago when I first bought this house.

The floor was an ugly laminate.  Thankfully my dad is a master tile guy!  I loved this tile back then, but wish I'd gone white.  Oh well.

Painted the walls a beautiful grey color.
It is by Behr.  Can't remember the color.

Here's the replaced counter top.

I made this soap dispenser with stuff I already had on hand!

Love the grey and white.
It just looks so much better now.

If you have any questions on anything, feel free to leave a comment or email me (click the envelope off on the right hand side).

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Quickie #7

I've got a good one for you for quickie #7.  It's not SUPER quick, but it's honestly really easy.

Get yourself a can of this hammered black spray paint.

Go to your local big box hardware store and go to the plumbing department.
Get yourself 4 of each of the following: 1/2" floor flange, 1/2" wide 12" long pipe with threads at both ends, and 1/2" caps.

Clean them up REALLY good with some Dawn dish soap and an old toothbrush first.  They're a little greasy.  You want the paint to stick to them.

Place them in an area where spray paint won't fly everywhere.  I chose 4 cardboard paper boxes.

Already looking better.
Let dry overnight.

So, the screws can be a tricky part.  Depends what is behind your wall.  I got lucky and there were 2 studs back there.  But the studs weren't thick enough to hold screws on both sides of the flange, so I got 8 1 1/2" long wood screws and 8 1/2" long wood screws.  Turn a box upside down and push the screws all the way down.

Spray paint the tops!

Next, measure out where your screws are going to go.  I lined up the outter ones that will go into the studs.  The other dots where the 1/2" screws go are just eyeballed.  They'll line up after you screw in the stud side.  Won't be perfect, but you'll get it.

Screw starter holes!  Make sure the drill but is not wider than the width of the screw you chose (not the width of the head).  Make sure you get into that stud.

If you don't have studs, you'll need to anchor your shelves.  Not hard, just a little bit more work.

When you're at the big box hardware store, get a piece of 12" wide pine.  I chose pine because A) it's the cheapest and B) I love the knots in the wood.  I think the shortest they sell it is 8 feet.  I had them cut it in 2, because I wasn't sure how long I wanted my shelves yet.  If you don't own a table saw or circular saw, you can always have the hardware store cut it for you.

Anyways, once your holes are measured, decide how wide you want your shelves.
I wanted some overhang.

Sand the hell out of the edges, so they have this kind of rounded edge.  Sand a little on the flat sides, but not too much.  You'll want some of those imperfections.  You know, just in case you stand up to fast, without thinking and bump your head on one.

Next, take your stain, rubber gloves, and an old sock.

Put it on like this.

Dip your sock in the stain.

And there ya go.
Let it soak into the wood for about 15min.
Buff away any excess with other old socks or other rags you have.
Let sit overnight to dry.
Repeat on other side.
Let side overnight to dry again.

Now wax those puppies with some furniture wax.
I just used what I had on hand.
Think it was Minwax in "Natural."

Here's how they turned out.  Love the variations in the wood and how it created the different colors of stain.

Okay, now you're ready to install.  Line up those pre-drilled holes where your longer screws will go into.  Drill those in.  Then you'll see your dots (or not, if you didn't eyeball them very well) and that is where your short screw will go.  No need to pre-drill those holes, because you're not going into the wood stud there - just the 1/2" drywall.

Install all your rods and then just place the boards on top!

Style with vintage accessories.

See my full Spare Bath Reveal here!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Southside Booth October Update

Although I have not added any new space, my booth seems to be growing.  It helps to add new big pieces, which I did this past weekend.  One didn't last very long!

So, come along with me as I take you through my southside booth.  If you stay along for the whole ride, I promise you there's a treat at the end!

I didn't get a picture of it last week, but here's the metal midcentury shelf I picked up on the Highway 60 Yard Sale.  I have 6 of them - they are GREAT booth shelves.

I LOVE these little shopping baskets, also for the Highway 60 sale, but decided to put them in the booth.  I can't keep everything, can I?

Did you see this shopping basket I picked up this past weekend from an estate sale?  If it's still there next time I go back, I think I'm gonna keep it.  It's the perfect basket for shopping estate sales.

I love this little shelf I picked up for the same estate sale as the above shopping basket.

I still have my quilt square banner up (quickie project link HERE).  People have started buying some of the quilt squares, so I just replace the missing ones.

I forgot to post about these.  This was a roughly 15ft ladder that I got from the estate of a family friend.  I had to cut it in 3 pieces to get it in The Beast.

Okay!  You made it!  Thanks for sticking around.  Here are is the treat I promised.  The front windows at the antique shop where this booth is located!  Sorry for the glare, it's hard to photograph, except at night.

Right side window:

Little boy mannequin wearing one of my vintage Halloween costumes!

Little girl mannequin WAS wearing my vintage witch costume.  It sold the same day.

Lots of goodies from my booth like those free shutters I found in the dumpster...

The left side window:

A fortune teller/gypsy theme!

So fun, right?

Thanks for visiting!

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