Monday, October 10, 2016

A Church Rummage + Estate Sale

On Saturday I met mom at our church a little before 8, so we could get first dibs at their rummage sale.  After that we went on to the living estate sale of a couple who had been in the flea market business for 30+ years.  This was the second weekend of the sale.  They still have several more weekends planned as they dig out more of their treasures from their packed garage and storage units.

This table came from that estate sale.  It lasted less than an hour in my booth.

This was a shelf they were using to people from going into one of the rooms in their house.  They kindly sold it to me.  They asked if I was going to paint over the chippy-ness.  I looked at them like they were crazy.

(Green shelf in all these pics is not mine, but belongs to the lady who owns this shop.)
All found in the garage at the estate sale.

All came from the church rummage.
The total for all? $3.25
I LOVE old lady pricing.

Both dug from the garage at the estate sale.

A little frame from the estate sale & a random wood tennis racket mom picked up last weekend at a garage sale.

All picked up from the estate sale.
Mom is keeping the crock S&Ps.

All found at the estate sale, except the Tupperware.
The Tupperware was from the church rummage.
25 cents each.

These were from the estate sale.
The man LOVED his old books.
He said he has about 20,000 between his garage & storage units.
I picked 10 readers from a shelf in his house.

He threw in this Daniel Boone coloring book for free.

I was probably the 50th person through the doors at the church rummage.  I took my time looking.  Finally the second to last table I looked on had the Shenandoah Pyrex.  Then mom is waving at me, because she found the pink daisy Pyrex on the last table.  Price for these for pieces? $3.50.  I spent a total of $7.50 at the church rummage.  I ended up giving extra.  I felt guilty. And, ya know, junkin' karma.  It's a real thing.

Finally 14 blue ball jars, mostly quarts, but a few half gallons, from the estate sale.
Found them in the garage, wrapped in newspaper and shoved in 2 paper grocery sacks.
Surprised they didn't get broken!

That's it for this past weekend.
I'm actually all caught up on finds, finally!

That won't last for long!  This Friday starts the Covered Bridge Festival here in Parke County, Indiana.  It's one of my favorite events and if you live anywhere close, you should try to go!  Beware of very long lines of cars trying to get to the festival on weekends.  Better to go through the week.

On the weekends, however, all the major highways leading into the different festival areas in the county, have yard sales all along the highway, about 40-50mi out.  It's fun to shop!

Some of my first blog posts were about CBF from 2011 (Day 1 & Day 2).
2013 finds (for some reason half the pictures disappeared).
2014 finds (again, where did the pictures go, blogger?)
2015 finds (seriously, why are my pictures disappearing??)

Anyways, this will be the official start of my 6th year blogging!
Here's to many more!

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  1. Wonderful finds! Don't you love it when something you just bring in sells so quickly?

  2. Wow, I would be there to see all the new stuff put out!

  3. Junkin' karma...I think it's real, too. Good job, everything. Crap to the mention of photos being gone....I'm afraid to look. Thanks, no thanks Blogger. Where are my comment notifications? Totally disappeared.

  4. All great finds Melissa! I think it's funny how many people still don't know that decorating with chippy furniture is a thing!!! ha ha!


  5. Pyrex!!! My goodness! Score!!! I probably would have brought those readers home. And, the beater/hand-worked mixer. And, the Ball jars. Nice finds!

  6. Melissa, I love all the stuff you found. I love church rummage sales!

  7. Church rummage sales are great. All your finds are good stuff.
    My daughter just got me a large old Ivory celluloid covered victorian picture album at a church sale for $1

  8. I would have probably bought a huge pile of books - love the green table and chippiness rules.

  9. Pretty nice haul, Melissa! I think I'm in love with your skates--I've never had the privilege of finding a pair myself. The Daniel Boone coloring book is pretty cool, too. You're far to young to remember the Daniel Boone show--one of my favorites growing up :) Thanks for sharing your posts with us at Vintage Charm--

  10. Like Diana I love those skates. I found a pair at an antique mall near me but they were much too pricey. So I'm still looking. YouT found a lot of great stuff. Thank you so much for sharing at Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!


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