Friday, October 21, 2016

Spare Bath Reveal

I've started working on cleaning up each room and making it worthy of putting our house on the market.  Hopefully this coming spring/summer we will finally find the perfect house for us.

So, I undertook a huge project and redid our entire spare bathroom!

See how to make these awesome industrial shelves here!

This vanity used to be a builder grade oak vanity.  It looks much better in the same white color as the trim/doors in my house.  I replaced the counter about 7 years ago when I first bought this house.

The floor was an ugly laminate.  Thankfully my dad is a master tile guy!  I loved this tile back then, but wish I'd gone white.  Oh well.

Painted the walls a beautiful grey color.
It is by Behr.  Can't remember the color.

Here's the replaced counter top.

I made this soap dispenser with stuff I already had on hand!

Love the grey and white.
It just looks so much better now.

If you have any questions on anything, feel free to leave a comment or email me (click the envelope off on the right hand side).

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  1. Wow, how gorgeous your spare bath looks, so clean with gray/white. You did great job on it, doesn't that feel good having it look all new? With gray walls your tan floor tile blends in very nicely. Loving those shelves, bathroom looks pretty doggoned snazzy to me. Great job.
    We painted our living room very light gray 2 summers ago, what a difference it made. With dark sofa and faux wall paper the room tended to be dark, really disliked old sofa, not my style at all. Got nice one at Habitat more to my liking, gave old one to local thrift store, had been given to us.
    We have 16x80 single wide mfg. home on half acre out in rural area. While we love where we're at single wide was not what we wanted but real estate so expensive here didn't have lot of choices in our price range.So we keep fixing house up cause hubs says not moving anymore, getting too old 76 and 75. We'd fix house up anyway but more determined about it now, before we get too old to do the work.
    Have wonderful weekend

  2. It is very buyer-friendly - love the gray and white. You need to look for a house with a huge outbuilding.

  3. Love the paint color whatever it is. And the vanity in white is much better. Remember, white floors are really hard to keep clean! It may be a good idea they're not white!

  4. I love the grey paint with the white cabinet. Shelves are a perfect addition. Thank you for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!


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