Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Highway 60 Yard Sale

I haven't been really hunting for new stock lately.  It has mostly been coming to me (again and again).  I decided to change that and hit up a yard sale route that I have never attended before - the Highway 60 Yard Sale.  It was cool and a little rainy every now and then, but I did find some stuff.  Not a ton, but here's why: 1) It had rained several inches the day before and I cannot go off-roading in the van, because I'd likely get stuck... and 2) I am maybe getting a little pickier about what I buy... or 3) I have been spoiled by amazing prices this summer and now that the weather is turning cooler the prices are gonna start going up.

But, alas, here's what I did take home...

I can't pass up cute patterned glasses

or swanky swigs
(they're filthy & didn't get a bath before their photo shoot)

or Kool-Aid glasses from my childhood.

I was excited about the little cottage cheese cups.
The guy threw in the Coke & Double Cola.

More glasses, this time in a carrier.

It wouldn't be a yard sale route if I didn't find some Pyrex and Fire King.

I've never seen those red fired-on color S&Ps before.

So, when I picked up this little fridgie, I thought it was Fire King.  It IS... but it is either and advertisement or came with a Balkan Yogurt Maker.  It is marked Balkan Yogurt Maker on the lid and bottom.

Wall picked, oil lamp, and fiesta bud vase.

Bakelite silverware for a quarter each!

I picked up this green depression finger lamp for $1.  Well, I put a bulb in it after I got home and it works!  I'm going to buy an Edison bulb for it and I think it will sell quickly.

Graters and sifters.

My favorite (and first) find from the top.  These old grocery store baskets.  I'm obsessed.  I don't know if I'll be able to part with them or not.

I'll never pass up a locker basket for a good price.

I've always got to buy SOMETHING in bulk during one my yard sale trips.  This trip was no exception.  These are new old stock shoe heel repair kits.  I have SO MUCH more than pictured here, but this was to give you an idea of the different styles.  I think the orange and black boxes are perfect for Halloween decor.

Old wood tennis rackets for 50 cents each.

I love this little cooler.  Laurie you need one for the beach house.

I've wanted one of these forever.  Finally found one for about $100 less than what they are normally priced!  Sorry, I don't have a better picture.  Didn't have enough room to set it up in the van.

I also got ANOTHER mid century metal shelf like this one... pictured here from my fall makeover at my northside booth.  I now have 6 of them.

I also got 2 Pepsi crates.

Here are a few other random things that I've got lately...

Christmas lights in boxes in awesome shape.

Mom picked up this little cute pyrex dish from a garage sale for a buck.

That's it for now!

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  1. I have read other bloggers posts and they seemed disappointed about the sale. Some say it used to be much better.

  2. Go girl! I love the baskets too and feel the same about keeping vs letting go. I always like glasses in carriers too. Very Mad Men-ish.

  3. Well worth the time and effort, great finds, LOVE those wire baskets.

  4. I always enjoy seeing the goods you find. What is that wooden thing below the cooler, and what do you plan to use it for?

  5. Fabulous stuff! Wish I lived close by to shop your booths. Thanks

  6. Wow... for feeling like you didn't find much I think you found a lot! I love all the patterned glasses and those grocery store baskets the best!


  7. Good stuff! I just read your Antiques Roadshow post.... fun!

  8. I'd say Route 60 was pretty darn successful for you, Melissa! Love all the metal wire baskets, the glasses with carrier, and the Bakelite-handled flat ware.

  9. You found some wonderful things. I love the picnic jug. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle and I am featuring your post today.

  10. Oh my, you sure did find some treasures, am so envious. There aren't any long yard sales where we live, not much in way of antique/vintage stores either. Miss that so much from when we lived in KY, not too far from World's longest yard sale, lived few miles north of Bowling Green. Was alone alot when we lived in KY as hubs over road trucker so spent many happy hours browsing antique/vintage stores.
    Am loving every one of your treasures, that little glass lamp is precious.
    Bet I'd love your booth but we live few miles west of Grand Junction, CO for last 12 yrs. Have wonderful rest of weekend


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