Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas at the Booths

This is how my northside booth looked prior to this weekend.  Lots of vintage Christmas goodies spread around.  It was hit VERY hard on Small Business Saturday!

Here is the southside booth prior to this weekend.

Lots more vintage Christmas treasures spread everywhere.

It was hit pretty hard this weekend too.

Lots of folks love this Santa head.  But he hasn't found his forever home yet.

I'll have to scour my house for my vintage Christmas goodies.  This booth has almost no Christmas left.  This weekend is Victorian Christmas in the small town where this booth is.  Usually the busiest shopping day in the store every year!

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.
I'll be out of the country for the rest of the year.

See you in 2017!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

2 Auctions and a Flea Market

Boy, I haven't been to an auction in ages (seriously, it's been 6 months).  I figured it was time to get back into the game when I saw these posted in the auction photos of an outdoor auction on November 12th.  I bought most of them!  The crates and bottles are good sellers for me.  I waited in the cold (it was below freezing at the start of the auction) all day for these!

I also scored this awesome Coke cooler.  I need to fix one of the handles so that I can take it to my booth, just in time for a Christmas gift.

Here's everything I got minus the Coke crates full of bottles.  I haven't had the chance to get photos of everything yet.  But not pictured below will be: 2 typewriters, an enamel bucket, a box of raffiaware, and a box of old medicine cabinet odds and ends.

The house next door to the one where the auction was had been a hoarder's house.  It needed to be torn down.  The family was there selling stuff out of it to auction goers.  I just barely missed getting all the great architectural salvage.  I did pick these awesome posters.  I wanted to pick so many more things, but they were hard to get to.  One room of the house, the floor had caved in due to the weight of all the books and magazines stacked in that room.  There were some good ones too.  I just couldn't get to them.

A few odds and ends.

A large Pepsi crate that held all these goodies.

On Black Friday, I did the BEST kind of shopping - I went to the annual Black Friday Flea Market at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Here was my total haul!  I was NOT expecting to get this much good stuff.

These Heart Club bottles will be perfect for Valentines Day... if they last that long!

I love these miniature vintage kitchen toys.  The mixer was missing the bowl, but I found a little white vintage toy bowl in my stash and it fit perfectly... like it was fate!

This glass washboard!  How has it survived all these years?

I'll never turn down a cheap chalkware piece!  They're all so cute!

I saw these and INSTANTLY knew I had to have them.  2 were missing the hanger part - but I just took apart 2 hangers from the store and with the help of a little super glue, they were fixed!

This didn't make it into the above loot shot, but look how tiny and cute this cookie cutter is!  I almost didn't want to give it up.

Saturday I didn't have much planned, so I decided I would go to the local auction.  I was rewarded with some good stuff and excellent prices!

I am swooning over the child's toy dust pans and the little lunch boxes.
Oh, and those 2 canisters at the top have bakelite handles.  

Some good ol' mantiques came home with me too!

1960-61 Chevy Corvair hubcaps.

Fish reels and a stamp holder.

There was Pyrex.  The lids on all of them kind of suck... but the bottoms are in excellent shape.  The daisy lids are a little faded and the friendship pattern on the middle 3 has completely come off.

I'll NEVER pass up a cheap Ball jar.

I had to give a little more money than I would've liked to give... but I got a TON of great local ice cream advertising pieces here.

My favorite buy that I was tempted to keep - the American Flyer Typewriter.
I also got a whole rack of old Disney 45s.

Last, but not least -- 2 Ball jar stamps/molds and a bunch of milk caps.

I've got one more post scheduled for this week and then I'll be out of the country for the rest of the year.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

See you in 2017!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Finds from the Last Few Weeks

Guys, I have been swamped with the day job.  I had to spend a week in Florida... and I didn't even get to enjoy the nice weather!

So, these finds are from the last few weeks... some are from the twice yearly warehouse sale put on by a friend of mine that owns a couple of antique malls... some finds are from the Covered Bridge Festival  that I attended October 15th and 16th... some from an estate sale... and there was also one big find from a random parking lot sale at a small-town flea market.  

So... let me show you what I've bought recently!

A cute typewriter table!

I bought SO many bottles.  This is only half!  I think I got several hundred.  I lost count.

Look - even some cobalt blue ones!

And old laboratory ones!

Can you believe these were still at an estate sale on half price day?  They were such a good buy, even at full price!

Lots of smalls from here and there.

One of my favorite finds - all these old spice jars with original labels and lids!

I took a chance on these - they're parts of old wood crates.  I bought them like this, because I wouldn't voluntarily take apart a wood crate with great graphics!  I thought they'd be fun to hang on the wall or build a new crate with.  Surprisingly, I have sold a good chunk of them!

Architectural salvage pieces always sell!

CHEAP Pyrex and Fire King (and a spice bottle I forgot to include in the above picture).  Can you believe all the Pyrex bowls were 50 cents each?  The FK bowl was only a dollar, which is a good price since it is missing some of the graphics.

Smalls upon smalls.

More from the estate sale that were a great price.  Again, I couldn't believe how cheap they were.

Whenever I find old drawers like this, I HAVE to buy them.

I was very lucky to get so many drawers.
Plus a few wood crates.

Here's the big find from the parking lot sale at the flea market!
I can't believe what I paid for it and you wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Finally, along with the good, sometimes comes the bad.
One of the hinges on one of my doors on The Beast literally broke off!
Tried having it re-welded... and no go... wouldn't hold.
So, now I've gotta get an estimate to get this one cut off and a new one welded on.
It doesn't have to be pretty - just functional.
For now, I'm lucky that the door is latched in place and really doesn't need fixed, if I never want to use it again.  But, I will eventually need to.
It's always something, right?

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