Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January Finds

On Saturday, January 14th I attended the 41st annual Greater Indianapolis Garage Sale at the state fairgrounds.  We had to watch the weather closely, because an ice storm was supposed to move through.  However, there was enough of a window, that I was able to go to the fairgrounds and do some shopping for a few hours.

I visited the same husband/wife couple I did last year and bought more ice cream wrappers from them.

I also bought a whole box of  milk caps.  I promptly sorted them when I got home.  See below for some close ups!


I also bought a whole bunch of "Magic Holetite" Pencils.
Check out the sold listings for these on eBay!

They had a stack of vintage wrapping paper sheets.  I picked out these two.

How awesome are these boxes?  One still have several sets of taps in them.  I asked the hubby if he needed taps for his shoes... and he just rolled his eyes.

I laughed out loud at this box.  It's empty, but hello... HEALTH UNDERWEAR.  I had to have it.

Apparently I suck as pictures and cut off the top of the thermos.  Aren't those little onion anthropomorphic S&Ps so stinkin cute?  They come in a little mesh onion bag too!

Another holiday is coming up, so I found a few Easter items.  Plus this adorable dream pet.

I never pass up a cheap doily.  I sell a lot of them in my booths.

Bags upon bags of vintage matches.

I don't have any clip-on birds like these.  They will go into my personal collection.

2 tins for a buck.  Sold!

I will happily buy fun, colorful license plates.
The Mooresville Pioneer one was a lucky find.
My southside booth is in Mooresville.
Should be a quick sell.

Another good seller for me are feed/seed sacks.

Ugh HOW CUTE is this little toy sink?

AND from a different seller, this cute toy ironing board.

 FINALLY!  I have my rotating Christmas tree base!  They are always priced at an arm and a leg.
I asked the seller to demonstrate that it worked and then happily handed over my money.

I surprisingly sell quite a few of these.  No old Barbies, etc... but lots of clothes and accessories.
Still trying to get the damn permanent marker off the big one.  Tried a few things with little success.

A bakelite bracelet for a buck.
Hell yeah!

I bought this stash of old bank bags from an Instagram friend, Vanessa of Salvage Nation Vintage.  They came from an estate where the guy was an armored car driver for many years.  Most of these date to the 60s and 70s.mstan She posts some really neat stuff and you should totally follow her, if you don't already.

On the day after the Indianapolis Garage Sale, I went to an auction.  Ugh, SO MUCH STUFF that I wanted.  The prices were insane, like I couldn't even resell anything and make money.  I'd actually lose money.  However, I managed to get one box.  It was the whole reason I really went.  It had all these little items.

And these 2 Pyrex fridgies in excellent shape.

And this set.  It was given to my best friend's parents.  They had the set that had been passed down from one of their moms (they can't remember which one) who are both gone now.  So, this set was very special to them.  Well, one day, the pepper fell off the stove and broke.  Let me tell you how hard it is to get a pepper shaker with a matching script P!

And this is why I LOVE what I do.

Last, but not least... I randomly went in to the Salvation Army on the northside of town.  I haven't been in over a year or more.  They closed the one by my house about a year ago.  Well, I wasn't expecting to buy anything until I saw these new old stock Baby Toothie (Cabbage Patch Kids) stuff.

Well, that's it for January, probably.  I don't know how much I will be buying.
I just talked to my realtor friend about listing our house.
Time to purge like it's no one's business.

Do any of you antiques dealers out there have any advice about trying to sell your home (and maintaining merchandise)?  Is there a "good way" to have it in my home without it looking crazy?  What about the garage-- do you think that matters? Ideally, I don't want to get a storage unit, but may have no choice.  I appreciate any and all input!  Ugh.  All, I know is that I'm not moving ever again after this.

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  1. Wowza! Luuurve the bank bags, and I collect them (but I don't do IG if you sell them that way, please give me a heads up). Love your bracelet too.
    I have no advice for how to stage your home to sell, but I bet a storage unit is in your future. Keep us posted, I for one am curious. Holy moly, I spent all day today just purging hubster's clothes...5 garbage bags fulks, and it kicked my you know what! Can't imagine would be colossally overwhelming.

  2. To answer your question...I'm not a realtor, but your garage definitely matters. Clear it out! Get a storage unit. I remember on a small house I was living in, I rented a storage place for a couple of months. The realtor recommended it. My reasoning was...well, potential buyers can see how much room I have by how much I have crammed in here! Ha! Doesn't work that way unfortunately. The homeowners that did buy the house told me later they didn't see how I got all my stuff in there, so I was glad I made the extra effort to store stuff elsewhere.

    About the magic marker...have you tried Goo Gone on it? I *think* that's worked for me in the past.

    About the pepper shaker...too bad it broke, but now you can repurpose the salt into something else!

  3. Great stuff but I love the little pink kids kitchen and ironing board. Hope you have a quick sale on your house.

    1. Thank you for sharing your fantastic finds at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!

  4. You get the best stuff for such great prices all the time. Prices in Chicago are ridiculously high.

    I can't wait to hear about your plans for moving and all your items. We are probably moving this year too and I was just thinking about the same thing.

  5. just a thought...if you are going to pay to store stuff maybe consider getting an additional booth so you can try to sell stuff while it is being stored out of your house...maybe you could get a smaller storage unit that way...

  6. Storage Unit and a new booth. Love the pink. Wonder how the guy ended up with all those EMPTY bank bags?

  7. Great finds! I do love the little pink kitchen sink!!!!! (Anything pink, really!) And I was ALSO wondering about those bank bags. LOL. Giving you a feature today for LTV! My hubby and I sold two houses while taking part in the antique biz. We shoved A LOT of stuff in his van and he drove around with it like that for several weeks until the house sold. LOL. The second house had some amazing basement storage but had to deal with everything boxed up for awhile. We utilized the attic space, too.

  8. Melissa, you always find such amazing things. That pink sink made me swoon! I have used toys in my sewing room for holding fabric and for just looking cute. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Loving the paper mache Easter rabbit and the Bakelite bracelet. Awesome finds--as always, Melissa :) Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm!

  10. For some reason my tablet keeps tossing me off your blog. So quickly, love the milk caps, and all the old paper type things, and score on that bangle! New follower, lol, because somehow I lost you.


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