Monday, February 13, 2017

Booth Spring Cleaning

I spent a good chunk of Saturday with my mom rearranging and doing a little spring cleaning with my northside booth.  Come along as I take you on a photo tour...

Christmas lights finally came down after I was done taking these photos.

That's it for the tour, stick around for some good news!

In good news, all the issues with The Beast are all sorted out.  For awhile there I wanted to just push it off a cliff.  But, she's back to her old self and in desperate need of a makeover and road trip.  I've got a few ideas for makeovers and trips in the works.  I'll keep your posted.

In even better news... I have pictures of what will be my new space for my southside booth.  I'm pretty excited.  FYI - none of the stuff is mine, it belongs to the people moving out.

Oh yeah, I get a whole room to myself.
It's basically the size of 3 large booths.

Behind all the paper is pegboard in this room.

The only problem - I have the kitchen in my space.

The white door leads to the outside (yay - easy way to bring stuff in!) and the brown door leads to the storage room, but it is blocked off and doesn't get used, so I can pretend it's not there.

The only reason I haven't moved into this space yet, is because of an issue with this area - the roof is leaking.  So, instead of losing this space here, I'm giving the owner time to get it fixed.

That doorway leads to the staff restroom that usually stays closed up.

SO MANY possibilities.  I'm excited.  I'll now have a place to hang THIS SIGN and THIS ONE.

So, please comment with your ideas for the room!  Email me all the ideas, pictures, and links you can!  Or send me ideas on Instagram, Facebook, or Pintrest.  I've got some ideas brewing, but I'd love to see what you guys are thinking.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Easy DIY Costume Jewelry Packaging for Resale

Remember when I got a TON of vintage costume jewelry?
Well, I'm just getting around to getting it ready to sell.
I needed to come up with a good way to package it.
Most vintage dealers have all of the supplies lying around!

You need:
- clear poly postcard sleeves
- vintage postcards (preferably salvage ones)
- card stock (I used brown kraft style)
- paper cutter
- stapler
- staples

Take your postcard sleeve.

Take your salvage postcards and cut them in half with the paper cutter.

Slide a half into the postcard sleeve.

Take your card stock (I used 8.5x11" and cut it the long way, the width of the the postcard sleeve (mine are 3 11/16" wide).  So, I was able to get 2 strips out of one piece of paper.  Next, take the strip and cut it every 2 inches (I am able to get 5 out of each strip).  So you'll end up with pieces that are 3 11/16" by 2".

Next take your pieces and lightly score them in the middle...

... so that it looks like this.

It makes them easier to fold in half!

Next, slip in your costume jewelry.

Turn it over and fold the top of the postcard sleeve (the opening) to the top of the postcard.

Then fold it in half again.

Then put the folded card stock over it.

Make sure the bottom edge of the card stock is flush with the top of the postcard, so that there's no gap.

Put a couple of staples in it to hold everything in place.

Optional: you can punch a hold at the top middle, if you want to hang them.


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