Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Another Southside Booth

Since our new home is only 5 minutes away from my current southside booth and about an hour away from where my northside booth is, I decided it was better if I moved my big northside booth to the southside.  It couldn't have been more perfect timing, because the big back room at the antique shop where my southside booth is had just opened up!

So come along for a tour.  This first picture is me standing inside the booth looking out.

In the below pictures, a lot of things were kind of just placed wherever, without much thought.  Mom and I spent a good 12 hours organizing this space!

I call the cabinet my "little old lady display."  They tend to like to look in the cabinets in this shop.

This area is my red and yellow kitchen area.

More kitchen-y stuff!

This shelf is blocking our little employee kitchen where we have our microwave and mini fridge.

I have to have a "mantiques" section right when you walk in the room.  Gotta draw the men in!

Not quite done.  I started a red, white, and blue display and I didn't get very far.

I tried to do old toys and cameras on this shelf.  I had to put these juice glasses and swanky swigs somewhere, so they ended up here.

This shelf is blocking our sink.  We plan to put up an antique privacy screen between this shelf and the other above that will fully block our little employee area.

Bottles, bottles, bottles (mostly)!  And I've still got more to put out!

I tried to collect my Hazel Atlas and Fire King pieces on the top 2 shelves of this primitive cabinet.  The rest is stuff that didn't necessarily fit anywhere else.

All my cute planters/pottery pieces and some oil lamps!

I wanted to keep this shelving for mostly farmhouse stuff.  Of course, other stuff had to have a place to go in the end.

And... more afterthoughts....

Would you believe it if I told you I still have lots of more stuff to get in this booth that came out of my northside booth?  Not to mention all the spare stuff I have collected.  AND all the decor that came out of my old house that doesn't fit in my new house... It's a never-ending cycle!

Oh... and guess what weekend it is?  One of my favorites of the summer... its's the US 40 (National Road) Yard Sale weekend!  Here's about the trip and my finds from last year.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Blank Slate

We finally moved into our new house!  I am absolutely in love with the outside and all the land and space we now have.  The inside... now that's a different story all together.  I could call it ugly, but I thought I'd settle on a blank slate.  I want to change everything and I won't be sad to see any of it go.  I wasn't sure if I was going to share, but I decided I would since so many of you have asked!

First, you turn onto this gravel lane and take it back about a quarter of a mile.

And you pull up here to see the house to the right

And barn to the left.

Between the house and the barn behind a fence is our pool.

And lots of yard around it.

If we go in the garage...

Lots of space!

When you walk in the house, you walk into the mud room/laundry room/half bath.

Then through there is the big spacious kitchen.

Which flows into the living room with blue carpet.

Off of the living room is the dining room with more blue carpet.

Off the living room is also the front entry with coat closet.

Down the blue carpeted hallway from the living room...

First door on the left in the hallway is the master bedroom.

Yep, that is a dusty rose pink carpet and hunter green accent wall.

Nice big walk-in closet with more pink carpet!

Master bath with more hunter green and seashell shaped sinks. And look at those weird medicine cabinet mirrors!

My saving grace.  I've always wanted a garden tub. But, matching hunter green blinds!

Teeny tiny shower.

Second bath.  More seashell sinks.

Another tiny shower with rust stains (we're on a well and Indiana water is full of a lot of iron).  No worries - Bar Keeper's Friend did the trick with cleaning it up!

Second bedroom.  More blue carpet and navy blue blinds!

Saving grace - large double door closet!

Third bedroom, that we have dubbed the Red Room.  Yes, bright red carpet and matching red blinds!

Again, a nice big closet.

Behind the barn I decided to place the garden.

It took 4 hours of tilling.

Another 6 hours to plant.

And another 2 to put up the stakes and fences.

And I know you can barely see the house, but I wanted to show you a pretty Indiana sunset.

And I know you usually come here to see what I'm buying, so I'll show you what I've bought recently... 

This is my new toy!

And this is my husband's new toy!

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