Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Antique Store Close Out Auction, Part 1

Hey all! I think I remember saying that I wasn't going to buy anything until the 127 Yard Sale... but when someone you know, who has owned a killer antique mall for years and cleans out estates for a living, is closing their antique business... you go!  Add in a super hot day, which means less people... it means you go and get those deals!

So, I bought SO MUCH stuff the van was absolutely packed to the gills, I couldn't have possibly bought anymore stuff.  All my booths are stocked relatively full, so I have to wait for people to buy stuff before I bring in more goodies.  So, I'm going to slowly bring stuff into the mall and I'll show you what I bought over the next several weeks.  Maybe by the time the 127 sale actually starts, I'll have it all in!

So, this is part 1!

I got this awesome primitive cabinet for $10.  The right bottom door was busted.  And then of course I broke one of the glass panes, trying to get it home.  And yeah, it was missing the 2 drawers.  So, I'm going to give it a small makeover before it goes into the booth.

I got 2 of these tall skinny shelves made of salvage pieces.

I'll never pass up a green vintage thermos.  It happens to have my last name on it.  My dad likes old Stanley brand stuff, so he got this for Father's Day.

This antique dresser is in absolutely amazing shape.  And it only set me back $25.  Now each of the bedrooms in my house have an antique dresser.  Eventually I'll find all the pieces to finish my house.

I love this map and debated keeping it.  Too bad it had a small tear in the top.

Another item I want to keep - 4lb coffee tin.

Another great advertising tin.

Cute little green suitcases.
Isn't the train case the perfect shade of green?

I don't think I've ever bought this brand of thermos before.

I finally got another rack and baskets.
There were 2 more baskets that need a little TLC.

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That's it for now!
Be back later with more!

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  1. The primitive cabinet has tons of potential. Love the Stanley thermos! I think I have that same train case in blue. If it's the same one, the hardware on the back was interesting - different from all the other train cases I have. Great finds!

  2. You are certainly an opportunist! I love seeing your finds. My favorite today is the dresser. The map is pretty nice, too!

  3. So much vintage goodness. Can't wait to see the rest. My favorites in this batch are the Holiday Thermos, Reeds Butter Scotch Wafer tin, and the green Stanley picnic jug.

  4. That dresser is a wonderful deal! Look forward to seeing what you do to some items to make more attractive!

  5. if you had a sturdy base, you could use the top of your $10 cabinet for the topper. Viola, "step back cupboard". I'm always looking for ways to avoid work.

  6. Whoa! Big time scores. To the person with the most willingness to heave and haul goes the victory! We went to an auction last weekend too - very low crowd, and some big pieces went for $40 (we didn't want to haul). The auctioneers got ticked, and put some things back when no one would bid. GOod for you, esp that piece for your home - nice!

  7. Love the natural wood chests! I cringe when I see people painting gorgeous wood with a great patina.

  8. What a score! Those salvaged shelves are my favorite.

  9. Great haul Melissa. I love the Stanley and the Butterscotch tin!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Those are killer prices! I love all you bought. I have a Holiday thermos just like that! I use it in my Christmas decor.

    xo Dianne


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