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127 Yard Sale: On the Road

I can't believe it's over... but I got to spend 9 days junkin' along Highway 127!  It was an awesome trip and I got lots of treasures.  I'm still in the process of unloading and photographing all the treasures, but if you follow along on Instagram, I've been slowly unboxing them over the course of the last week or so.  I share SO MUCH over there, so you should really follow along!

Today I'm going to share some pictures from my trip, including a few sneak peeks of some of my awesome buys!  So, grab a cup of coffee or maybe an adult beverage and buckle in for 9 days worth of junkin' pictures...

Saturday, July 29th

I slept in.  I almost never sleep in, but I did it.  I was slow moving getting around and even ate an early lunch before I ended up leaving.  I scoped out a few yard sales to hit in Indianapolis on my way out of town...

My first stop yielded this amazing rolling cart and 16 wood folding chairs from a now defunct rental company... plus several other goodies!

The next stop yielding this vintage Christmas tree stand (that needs a little work) and chalkboard with Disney decals from the '60s... plus a ton of other goodies.

At this point I actually had to go back home!  I had already filled The Beast.

Dropped everything at home and got a better look at this amazing cart!  Then... I was on the road again. I decided to take some less traveled highways instead of the interstate, to see if I could find any more garage sales as I made my way to Highway 127.

I stopped at a few yard sales on my way to 127.  One stop yielded these 5 canvas roll down maps that are no longer on the pull down mechanism, but I figured they'd still make cool wall hangings!

Finally by late afternoon I hit 127 about a half an hour North of Cincinnati.  My plan was to drive 127 up to the Michigan border (where I was staying) to see who was set up early.

In Darke County they were setting up...

Same with several stops along the lake in Celina...

Grand Lake St. Mary's

More set up along the lake...

You know you're in Ohio when...

Finally by the time the sun was setting, I was settled in along the Michigan border...

And captured some amazing views from my campsite.

I don't get to use my vintage sheets in my house, so I'm happy to use them in my junkin' van.

Sunday, July 30th

Just some views from Northern Ohio.

I had a wonderful breakfast at this diner before I hit the road for the day.

I hit a few good sales...

Enjoyed one of my campfire cocktails at the end of the day.

Here's a better look at some of the stuff...

I got a few folding rulers this day too!

Monday, July 31st

The sales really started to pick up this day.
How amazing is this green toolbox?

I was feeling a little weak in the knees over this light up bakery sign!

A nice butter churn!
I found so much more good junk this day...

Another campfire cocktail at the end of the day.

Nice view of the lake from my campsite.

A group shot of some of this bigger items I picked up this day.
Can I get some heart eyes for that plaid Flamingo cooler?!

A found a little Christmas for the last day of Christmas in July!

Enjoyed a cold beer and good food at a local restaurant on the lake.

Then walked along the lake...

And got some amazing pictures...

View from the other side of the lake later as I was collecting firewood.

Driftwood makes excellent fire starters!

Tuesday, August 1st

My first stop I was at for at least an hour.  The couple had collected some nice primitives for the last 50 years...

My next stop yielded this great RC Cola rack.

By noon I had a pretty good load from the last few days.  I was at the drop off point back in Indiana to drop my load of stuff off and start fresh.  And... to pick up my partner in crime!

It was a warm one!  We also got lots of good junk the rest of the day!

We ended our night at a dive bar on the lake that had flamingo tables.

And met the original Big Billy Bass, built in the '60s.

After the drop off I got everything you see pictured (except the broom, which came from the day's first stop).  The pickin was starting to get good.

Wednesday, August 2nd

The picking was getting better than good.  In fact, this is probably the best day to shop.  Most vendors are already set up and all their good stuff is still there!

We were getting pretty full... how are we going to sleep back there?

Last stop of the day!  I had to visit this guy.  I visit him every year (2015, 2016).

Junkin action shots...

Later, I was packing up... and you pack in every square inch you can.  This is under the seat!

Thursday, August 3rd

You never know what you'll see on the 127...


Then you find gems like this bag of vintage nut cups for a dollar.

And stacks of vintage die cut Easter bunnies from a now defunct printer company in Cincinnati.

We camped out on a lake so remote we didn't have cell phone service.

We traveled back into town for a drink at the local watering hole.

And apparently this alley bar is a staple at Miami University (in Ohio).

Packing as high as I could, to take up the least space possible.

Even put some things outside under a tarp, since it was gonna rain that night.

Stuffed the front seats full.

Had to make room to be able to get into the bed in the back of the van, so treasures end up in the front seats at the end of the night.

Friday, August 4th

We went through part of Ohio that was more residential, so stopping at some sales were a little difficult.  And traffic was insanity.  So, we picked up a few things, like this hand painted antique scale, but ended the day early.

We decided to go paddle boating on the local lake.

Saturday, August 5th

When you see an advertisement for an old antique dealer/hoarder cleaning out her stock, you go.  We went a ways off the 127 and dug through this person's house for at least an hour or so...

Her grandson wanted to be in a picture.
Also, it was HOT in the garage.

I hit the sale of a little old lady I had first visited 2 years ago.  She always has great stuff, like this mirror.

There were so many good sales in the northern Cincinnati suburbs, that we never even made it to Kentucky.  Oh well

Look at all this good stuff!

Packing up to head home the next day.

I had to make room, because I had to pick up the first few days worth of treasures on my way home the next day.

Sunday, August 6th

Unloaded over 30 boxes/crates full of treasures...

Stay tuned for the unboxing later.
Of if you're really impatient, follow along on Instagram.

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  1. My goodness...what great stuff!!! It also looks like you and your friend got a little sun! I would love to have one of those large maps. Do you consider shipping to NC? Thank you for sharing your trip. It's fun to see.

  2. You do not disappoint! Fantastic recap! I think your Flamingo chest is the highlight of the week. Naked man coming in 2nd :)

  3. What a blast just reading your account of the trip I can't imagine actually going on the trip with you. So much great stuff I would be in heaven.

  4. OMG this is INSANELY awesome!!! This is too cool for words, I love everything about it. The camping, the drinking, the picking - its a dream come true!

  5. What a haul! My favorites are the 2 green chairs & the mirror. I would have to have them if I found them. I looked on instagram because I'm really impatient!

  6. Now this is a camping trip I would enjoy. Treasure hunting sounds like the perfect get away. Looking forward to seeing all your goodies.

  7. so much fun to follow your junking journeys.

  8. Where in the sam-hill do you put all this stuff??? I just came back from visiting in TN, found a lot, & have got to reorganize so I can fit it all in. You really scored though!

  9. I went on that yard sale years ago and had the best time! I keep saying that I'm going to do it again but it just hasn't worked out. Maybe someday! I have that same Christmas tree stand that I found at a yard sale last year. It was featured in Country Living Magazine awhile back (not mine, but one like it). Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures.

  10. What an adventure! I must admit that I am a bit jealous. Sounds like you got some amazing things!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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