Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Estate Sale + Vintage Market Finds

Last weekend was pretty busy for me, but I managed to squeeze in an estate sale and vintage market that were close to my house.  Neither the sale or the market were spectacular, but when it's close to your house and the prices are good, you just go!

So, let's see what I got! First up are my vintage market finds.  I arrived to the market a couple hours after it had opened.  I wish I'd gone earlier, as I saw people carrying out lots of good stuff.

These Pepsi crates were a steal.  I can't believe they were still sitting there when I grabbed them.  Don't they look great sitting on the back of my blue 4wheeler?

A box of vintage Christmas (kneehuggers!!) for a few bucks.  Twist my arm!

All of these cute plastic children's play dishes were also a few bucks.

Next up my estate sale finds.

A slotted box and 2 coal buckets.

Cute nick-nack corner shelves.

I needed more canning jars, as I went through my stash pretty quickly this season.  I was rewarded with 17 boxes full.

One of the boxes had the good old wire top jars.  Those will go to the booth.

2 of the ladies at my shop have a nautical themed booth right now.  I thought these 2 pieces would fit in for that (the oar and camp chair).

I like to look through the closets at estate sales, not because I'm really into vintage clothes or anything, but sometimes you find something that just sticks out to you.  These nice old cowboy boots fit that bill nicely.  I was hoping for some old flannels to join them, but no such luck.

More canning supplies to add to my cupboard... except the zinc lids.  Those will go to my antique booth.

I always open every drawer in every garage, basement, work bench, and desk.  You never know what you'll find.  These old glass knobs were found in the work bench in the garage.

A few boxes of hair pins.  I mean, how can I pass up anything with Flamingo on it?? :)

A few odds and ends.  The pink shaker I'm almost positive I have a top to it somewhere!

Pretty neat WWII era book.  Gave to my husband who works for an airline.

A few mantiques.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Monrovia Festival Town Wide Yard Sale

Remember I recently moved out to the country? Well a small town near where I live has a 3 day town wide festival and along with that a town wide yard sale that actually goes 4 days (Thurs-Sun).

So, being so close to home, I wasn't going to skip it!  But, I wasn't able to go until Saturday.  Apparently I missed a lot of good stuff!

One of my first buys of the day was this cute Raggedy Ann and Andy chalkboard.

I plan to clean this up and paint it white.

I found this older military bag... but I'm not quite sure what it was issued for.  Any experts out there have any idea?

Isn't this cute? Tempted to keep!

A few unusual red handle tools I'd not seen before.

How cute is the mint green tray with the little Amish family on it?
I'm a sucker for anything in the original box.
Also, anyone else have a thing for older plastic pieces made to look like fancy glass?

2 Made in Japan strawberry stars and 2 Hazel Atlas apple jars.

A few vintage Christmas items picked up throughout the day!

A box of vintage doll pieces.

A Harold Gale santa in original box.
Also a couple odd pieces that were stuffed in there too.

Old unused analysis pads

Then there was this box. I saw the lady drag it out and I immediately said "How much for the box?" after I saw some Holt Howard peeking out.  The sold price was $20.  At this point I was a little skeptical on what I was really going to get out of it.  I knew I'd at least get my money back.

Took out the top layer.... lots of kitsch!

The top layer revealed all this goodness sitting on the bottom.

Including these 2 birdies that will stay with me!

I went out again on Sunday for about an hour to hit a few sales I knew were still dragging stuff out for Sunday's crowd.

One sale yielded this yard dart game in original box.

Kewpies + creepy baby dolls heads!

A few aprons & crocheted star doily.

Ah yes, more Christmas mystery boxes.

The tattered box was bought to save these small items

After all the shiny things were removed from the other box, I found all this hiding underneath!

Another clip on birdie to keep!!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Friday Night Auction

About 2 weeks ago on a Friday night, my best friend and I decided to hit up a local small town auction, because they had advertised some really great stuff.  It started at 6pm and was still going probably well past midnight.  We left a little after 11.  I had never been at an auction that late before, but they had so much stuff and there were selling it piece by piece.

So, let me show you what I got!

A large 8 quart Dazey butter churn.

I fell in love with this jar and had to have it.
It got a little pricey, but I figured after selling the contents, I'd still make a profit.

Speaking of contents... I ended up keeping a few of them too!
The rest are already at the booth!

Another amazing vintage cooler!

Here it is among a few of my other vintage coolers.

Ah yes, and then there's this piece.
Here she is in my booth.
I wish I'd taken a before photo.
It was so utterly disgusting.

Under all the dirt and grime... original labels

I barely saved this one.

Here it is all full of vintage goodness.
Now I kind of want it in my own house.

And then there's ALL of this jadeite (and the fired-on green shakers/canister).

Lastly I picked up these pieces of enamelware, as a few were a more unusual pieces.

Then there's this box of 500+ vintage patches I got from an Instagram friend.
They're flying out of my booth at $1 each.

Not a bunch of stuff, like my normal auction hauls... but did you see how much stuff I bought on the 127 yard sale?

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