Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Estate Sale + Vintage Market Finds

Last weekend was pretty busy for me, but I managed to squeeze in an estate sale and vintage market that were close to my house.  Neither the sale or the market were spectacular, but when it's close to your house and the prices are good, you just go!

So, let's see what I got! First up are my vintage market finds.  I arrived to the market a couple hours after it had opened.  I wish I'd gone earlier, as I saw people carrying out lots of good stuff.

These Pepsi crates were a steal.  I can't believe they were still sitting there when I grabbed them.  Don't they look great sitting on the back of my blue 4wheeler?

A box of vintage Christmas (kneehuggers!!) for a few bucks.  Twist my arm!

All of these cute plastic children's play dishes were also a few bucks.

Next up my estate sale finds.

A slotted box and 2 coal buckets.

Cute nick-nack corner shelves.

I needed more canning jars, as I went through my stash pretty quickly this season.  I was rewarded with 17 boxes full.

One of the boxes had the good old wire top jars.  Those will go to the booth.

2 of the ladies at my shop have a nautical themed booth right now.  I thought these 2 pieces would fit in for that (the oar and camp chair).

I like to look through the closets at estate sales, not because I'm really into vintage clothes or anything, but sometimes you find something that just sticks out to you.  These nice old cowboy boots fit that bill nicely.  I was hoping for some old flannels to join them, but no such luck.

More canning supplies to add to my cupboard... except the zinc lids.  Those will go to my antique booth.

I always open every drawer in every garage, basement, work bench, and desk.  You never know what you'll find.  These old glass knobs were found in the work bench in the garage.

A few boxes of hair pins.  I mean, how can I pass up anything with Flamingo on it?? :)

A few odds and ends.  The pink shaker I'm almost positive I have a top to it somewhere!

Pretty neat WWII era book.  Gave to my husband who works for an airline.

A few mantiques.

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  1. Bounty! It is fun t find treasures. I cannot believe that this year I have not done any hunting as been so busy!

  2. Now you know I love those mantiques, including the manual! Next love are the baled canning jars. You never disappoint.

  3. Nice haul! Love the door handles and the hair pins.

  4. Nice mantiques! I'm a Coca Cola girl myself but those Pepsi crates are great and I love the door knobs.

  5. Love your stash!! The box of knee huggers got me the most. I would have been doing a happy dance!

  6. I love the vintage Christmas, glass door knobs and the flamingo bob (!?!) pins. Anything with a flamingo catches my eye (and wallet). I too, would have scored boxes of canning jars this weekend. But I didn't clean out my car from the last weekend of treasure hunting so I didn't have room! The woman was moving and didn't want to take them with her. She was practically giving them away. But I would have used them for crafts or to store wee treasures. I'm terrified to can - I'm sure I would do something wrong and poison me and my beau. So sad because he grew up eating and loving wonderful canned food from his mother and grandmother's garden bounty. I'm combat trained and could have gotten them in my car if I took the time to take things out and repack but I was too excited to get to the other sales in the neighborhood community sale. Tomorrow is Friday. I am pushing my luck for this upcoming weekend of treasure hunting - my car is still packed.

  7. What a great haul, Melissa! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  8. I think you found some great stuff for really good prices! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. I love estate sales never know quite what you will find.
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