Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Most Epic Yard Sale Ever

So, I've been trying to find time to tell this story for nearly a month now.

For nearly 4 weeks to be exact.

Some of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen these photos.

But, I'll never tire of seeing photos of what I'm calling...

The. Most. Epic. Yard. Sale. Ever.

Period. Hands down. Bar none.

You take all the cans that were going to go in the dumpster to find gems like this.

Nothing will ever beat this.

Seriously.  Look at those tin toys!

Original Erector set?  Check.

Aqua Tom Thumb typewriter?  Check

Glass minnow trap?

Carved wood shelves? Check.

Leather doctor's bag?  Check.  Coffee grinder?  Check.

Door plates and hardware?  Check.  Butter Churn?  Check.

Blue insulators?  Check.

4 old houses worth of glass door knobs?  You bet your sweet ass.

Ending with a lifetime supply of porcelain door knobs. 

What a day.  Day 1.  Oh yes, I went back to dig more on the second day.

I was handsomely rewarded

I was a little smarter this time and took The Beast.

My favorite find of day 2.  My dog was afraid of him.

It may not look as impressive, but I just couldn't unpack it all and fit it all in a picture like the previous day's haul

I swear I saw wicker light shades at Ikea last time I went.

More wood shelves.

No, you're not seeing double.  I bought one of these blowmolds the day before too.

Salvaged cot and horse collar (etc.) from the dumpster.

I think some of those towel bars need to make an appearance in my house remodel.

Would you believe I accidentally stuck my thumb through the screen on that one radio?  They've all found a new home up in Minnesota!

Your eyes do not deceive you.  Mega cool 70s/80s Halloween comin' at ya.

What did I even put in half these bags as I was shopping.

At one point the people running the sale were just putting stuff in my bags and boxes.

It kinda felt like Christmas coming home and unpacking everything.

I even discovered some Christmas in the mix.

And pool balls, apparently.

Now, here's a better look at everything unpacked.

This part took me the better part of a week or so to get through.

Wood things.

The cot.

Horse things.
(I like to get technical here, as you know.)

Santa, again.

I think I might have to hang this is in my house, except everything else is all white and oil rubbed bronze industrial fixtures.

I found the pieces of this cake carrier spread around the garage sale in 4 separate boxes.

Cute little paper cuter.

Instant collection.  I love the varying greens/silvers.

Spare thermos parts.

Loving the metal mailbox!

I have at thing for small wood boxes.

Seriously, why would anyone buy these? 

Again, random things placed in my box I didn't know about

Some glass and ceramic things.

Lab glass, Jesus, and a puppy peeing on a fire hydrant.

A "sentence" that has never been written in history until now.

You're welcome, Internet.

I love chalkware SO MUCH.

I could care less if no one bought it from me.

They'd all have a home with me.

Even the creepy bunny.

The Tom's jar is so good, except for a chip on the inside the lid.

Yesterday had some good toys, but this red truck with yellow seat... 😍😍

Some kitchen stuff!

Was tempted to keep the mint green ice crusher and the red GE kitchen clock.

If that kitchen clock were green, there would have been no stopping me

Why don't they make them like this anymore?

I mean, it has a removable enamel insert!  How clever.

One of my favorite groups of things I bought.

This brass (I assume) toilet sign is super cool.  Lots of folks have offered to buy it, but I think I've got the perfect spot for it in my house.

Love the thermometers.

Yep, more tiny wood boxes.

Never pass up old office stuff.  It's a great seller for me.

You saw these already.

I almost didn't let the blue radio go - but it's at it's new home in Minnesota.

Some more great toys!

And a few more.

Yep, more!

Like I said, some great Halloween here!

Things that carry things.

Christmas stuff.

Enamel lids.

Did you know I collect Beatles records?

All found at yard sales for cheap.

This one was no exception.

More games plus a Knickerbocker bunny.

The towel bars - metal and glass.

The most epic yard sale ends with fishing lures.


So, I still need to catch you up on some random bits of vintage

The above was found while yard sale-ing the weekend after the epic sale.  Not much.  I say I bought it all the weekend before, so my junkin' karma was just evening out.

Finally, we've all been there, but I trash picked this old crib for parts to use for my plants to climb in the garden.

Before you go, I must remind you!  It is the most wonderful time of the year.  No, not Christmas.  Prime yard sale time.  This weekend is not mecca (aka the 127 Yard Sale), but it is a close second.  It is the US 40 National Road Yard Sale and (for you Indianapolis peeps) the once yearly Woodruff Place Flea Market.  Search my blog for my many trips on the 40 or buying AND selling at Woodruff!

I hope to be back to show you more amazing finds real soon.

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  1. Girl!!! Surely this wasn't all in one place?! You could open an entirely new booth or store! Not only was it an epic haul, but I'll hand it to you...you've got epic energy. Take advantage of it while it's there!

    1. THIS WAS ALL IN ONE PLACE. I seriously don't even need to shop again til the 127. But you know me... I will!

  2. WOW! Your title was not an exaggeration! Thank you for sharing your fabulous haul at Vintage Charm--pinning!

    1. I have NEVER, EVER got this much from a single yard sale.

  3. You have the best luck of anyone I know for finding LOADS of goodies at one sale. I never find anything even close to this. I am so jealous!! LOL

    I am missing the KY 400 mile sale this weekend as we are moving. I am crushed!!!!

    1. I always wanted to try that sale, but it's always the same weekend as the US40, which I now live very close to!

  4. Amazing! Is there any way you could talk about how much (or little you paid) it helps to live vicariously through you if you got things for pennies or 25c here, etc! Thanks.

  5. I love to see a great haul from a sale too! You really got your moneys worth.

  6. Just looking at this haul made me tired. You done good, girl! I can't believe all the dusting, oiling, polishing it is gonna take to get all this stuff boothworthy. I think it's bad when I come home and fill the dishwasher and washer! You will be able to dress up your booth in grand style. One of my faves was the chalkware cat; he looks like my Squeak!

    1. You're telling me! I definitely have a lot of work ahead of me.

  7. Oh my gosh Melissa, you hit the mother load of yard sales this time. So much wonderful vintage goodness. I can't believe all the blow molds. This load should keep you busy for a while.

    1. What really makes me feel good is that my "junker intuition" was right on target! The craigslist ad for this study was very minimal: Selling 40 years worth of mom and dad's collection. Come haul it away. Something told me to go, so I made the hour drive!

  8. I know you don’t usually answer questions in the comments, but I would love to know how much you paid for all of that! I have all the heart eyes over here!

    1. I didn't really buy this lot "per piece." I just made a pile and the owner gave a price.

  9. Wow! That was one awesome haul! I can't even possibly pick out a favorite...not even.

    1. Thank you! This was my favorite yard sale ever!


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